Continuous roller Shutter Doors 
The Rolflex door system is a one-piece continuous curtain design, manufactured from press formed profile panels of hot dipped galvanised or Plastisol colourcoat steel, lock seamed to form a rigid continuous curtain.  
The continuous curtain profile, whilst provising strength, completely eliminates conventional interlocking hinged slats, ensuring that protective coatings are not damaged by frictional wear, and preventing ingress of foreign elements.  
The Rolflex door system allows the same door to be utilised in a number of different applications using the following optional bolt-on modules:  
Colour coating  
Electrical operation  
Vision panels  
Personnel entry  
Recent operational tests under close third-party scrutiny exceeded a staggering 250,000 cycles without maintenance. This equates to over 50 years of use at a theoretical cycle rate of 12 operations per day. (Independent tests available)  
Modular Options 
Colour coating  
The colour coating option utilises a high-performance plastisol coating on Galvalite hot-dip zinc coated substrate to BS EN 10147.  
The Rolflex door is available in a choice of colours. The manufacturing process of the door allows the use of multiple colours on a single door curtain. Colour chart available on request.  
A 3mm thick continuous polyurethane foam layer, backed by a silver, wipe-clean aluminised polyester lining is laminated to the inside of the door.  
Independent calculations by the National Physical Laboratory established a ā€˜Uā€™ value of 0.59 W/m2K, well within the 0.7 W/m2K indicated by the building regulations.  
As well as reducing heat loss the insulation improves the acoustic properties of the door and its patented embossed gridded pattern gives a smart and uniform appearance to the inside of the door.  
Vision Panels  
Vision panels are manufactured from clear polycarbonate and measure 550mm wide by 190mm high. They are riveted into the door curtain sealed with a weatherproof gasket.  
Vision panels can be installed either as single or multiple units. A single horizontal row may compromise of one window per metre width of door.  
Electric operation  
Standard electric operation drives the door at 18 meters per minute. the 3-phase motor has emergency hand chain override with safety interlock switch. Two additional limits are provided for ancillaries.  
All aspects of automation and associated safety devices including radio and infrared remote control, induction loop, card readers, bottom rail safety edge and infrared barriers are also optionally available.  
Personnel Entry  
The side hinge design ensures that normal operation of the main roller door can be achieved within seconds of the personnel entry door being in use, without jeopardising the built-in strength and security of the structure.  
The personnel entry door measures 600mm x 1800mm and is fitted with a Yale type night latch.  
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