Self Storage Doors 
Rolflex Self Storage Roll-A-Door offers the Durability and security required by storage complex owners. Due to Rolflex's manufacturing capacity, Self Storage orders can be responded to quickly, therefore minimising lead times. 
Take advantage of the expertise and experience gained by Rolflex in this growing industry by incorporation our Self Storage door. 
Convenient Locking System 
Rolflex has designed three locking systems specifically for use on our Self Storage Roller Door. 
Easy to unlock and easy to lift. There's no bending down to unlock. The lock is mounted waist high for ease of operation and convenience. 
Accommodates two padlocks, one for the renting customer and one for the storage proprietor. 
Size range 
Rolflex Self Storage doors are manufactured to meet the following specifications. 
Opening height: 1200 to 3000mm. 
Opening width: 950 to 3050mm 
Rolflex Self Storage doors are available in an extensive range of standard colours including special Self Storage colours designed to gain greater impact and identification for the Self Storage business. 
Rolflex Doors have been pre-painted with silicon modified polyester formulation, enamel backed to zinc-coated, steel, to provide one of the best paint finishes available today. 
Unique Design Weatherstrip 
Deep cushioned multi-fin design provides a labyrinth seal. Helps keep out wind, rain and dust. Minimises gaps on slightly uneven floors providing extra protection for contents. 
Designed and created by it'seeze